Hello, I am Deb, a dog trainer, I offer training, support and guidance for you and your dog to help you both have a happier life together.

No matter if you have a puppy, rescue dog or an older adult dog, I will make your life easier, better and make you feel more confident. I know the struggles, the worries and problems you encounter being a dog owner. You do not have to be alone and struggle anymore. I am here for you to solve your problems and make life better.

I want to help you build a better relationship and bond with you dog and by preventing future problems’ you will have happier better behaved dogs.
With my experience and knowledge, I am in a superb position to use my expertise helping Staffordshire Bull Terriers and deaf dogs. With my help I will help you build a better bond, solve your problems and give your staffie a happier life.

Providing the best training solutions and creating better enriched lives for Staffordshire Bull Terriers in the UK and worldwide.

Science Based

I use science-based theories to provide me with the understanding of how dogs learn, behave and communicate. This method enables me to help a dog become a happy member of your family. Dog training has changed over the years. There is so much information available showing how kind, positive science-based training methods work much better than previous ways of dog training, ensuring that your dog always has a choice.

So, for me my dog training ethos involves using my head; science-based methods and knowledge and my heart; using kindness, love and ethical ways to help your dog progress and be happy. I am really excited to share this with you and to work alongside you to ensure your dog has a happy, fulfilled life with you and your family

Customer Reviews

“Our dog is thriving thanks to your course Deb, I can’t the recommend it enough!”

“Best thing we ever did, especially with a 15 month rescue border collie”

“There is a phrase ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’, our dog had her 11th birthday during the course. We had great fun, learnt loads and her obedience has improved.”

“This course is worth its weight in gold. It has been superb and we have learnt so much. Thank you Deb”

Contact Information:

Owner: Debbie Dorling
Phone: 07413 181 337